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Establishing Collaborative Meeting Spaces to Support Hybrid Work

Nutromics’ vision is to create a world with zero preventable deaths due to the lack of Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring. Their first market is Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for the antibiotic vancomycin. By leveraging their platform technology, clinicians gain access to continuous and real-time information about vancomycin concentrations, enabling precise dosing and enhancing patient outcomes.

As Nutromics’ team began to grow beyond their main office in Australia, their needs for video conferencing grew in parallel. After initially implementing basic meeting rooms, Nutromics sought Fitzroy IT’s expertise to create “Zoom Rooms”. This significant upgrade facilitated seamless audio and video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and improved collaboration. The successful implementation of Zoom Rooms increased productivity and also simplified meeting scheduling, paving the way for future expansion.

Customer Challenge

Nutromics, during a period of significant expansion, identified the importance of optimising their operational processes. They recognised that their existing meeting rooms contained minimal setups, comprising of just laptops and speakers. Consequently, the quality of their meetings suffered, characterised by ineffective communication, and hindered collaboration.




Fitzroy IT - The Perfect Partner

Choosing Fitzroy IT as their preferred partner was an easy decision for Nutromics, primarily because of Fitzroy IT's unwavering dedication to delivering tailored services that address the specific requirements of each client. Unlike adopting a generic "one-size-fits-all" approach, Fitzroy IT differentiates itself through their commitment to customisation. With experts dedicated to analysing clients' needs and understanding the latest products and services available for audio-visual projects, Fitzroy IT were able to draw up cost-effective plans for Nutromics new collaboration spaces.


Nutromics sought to transform their conference spaces into modern, well-equipped environments to foster seamless and productive interactions among their team members.

Fitzroy IT collaborated closely with Nutromics to assess their requirements and identify a solution. Through these efforts, Fitzroy IT successfully implemented "Zoom Rooms," utilising Logitech Tap, Rally, Swytch and Scribe components to provide Nutromics with a versatile solution for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing. The installation facilitated an integrated experience for both in-room and remote attendees, allowing participation from desktop or mobile devices. Additionally, employees gained the ability to conveniently book meeting rooms and efficiently manage their meetings using Office 365, further enhancing productivity and coordination within Nutromics.

Results and Benefits

Once the Zoom Rooms were set up, they were quickly adopted by Nutromics staff, as they were able to navigate the interface intuitively with minimal training.

The Zoom Rooms were made available as bookable resources within Office 365, streamlining the meeting creation process. The rooms, with their specialised equipment, provided compatibility with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Meets, meaning staff could meet on any platform as required.

As with any new IT infrastructure, there were issues and challenges, however Fitzroy IT owned these, and provided ongoing support until everything was running smoothly.

Ultimately, Nutromics are looking to create additional Zoom Rooms to further leverage their capabilities to support their growing operations and facilitate seamless collaboration across multiple meeting spaces.