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Nutromics’ vision is to create a world with zero preventable deaths due to the lack of Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring. Their first market is Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for the antibiotic vancomycin. By leveraging their platform technology, clinicians gain access to continuous and real-time information about vancomycin concentrations, enabling precise dosing and enhancing patient outcomes.

Nutromics' successes led to a period of rapid growth, and they collaborated with Fitzroy IT to assist with onboarding, procurement, and day-to-day support. By adopting Fitzroy IT as their Managed Service Provider (MSP), Nutromics gained access to experts who could create customised IT solutions, while standardising systems, tools, and processes. This partnership led to cost optimisation, streamlined onboarding, improved security measures, and proactive infrastructure monitoring, all while Nutromics continued to grow from 13 staff to 55 in August 2023.

Customer Challenge

As a small, but rapidly growing company, Nutromics initially reached out to Fitzroy IT seeking an IT support partner, who were flexible and could respond to ad-hoc requests. The collaboration commenced in December 2021, and Nutromics began to grow quickly. As they employed more staff, they quickly recognised that they needed to standardise the company toolset, and adopt policies for systems, storage, security, risk management, infrastructure, and support, so that they could transition from a start-up to an enterprise making a substantial impact on diagnostics. Onboarding was another area that potentially posed an obstacle to Nutromics expansion. They sought a strategic partnership with an organisation capable of providing the necessary support to fuel their growth and mitigate potential risks.

Fitzroy IT - The Perfect Partner

Nutromics selected Fitzroy IT as their Managed Service Provider (MSP) because of their commitment to providing tailored services that meet the specific needs of clients, rather than adopting a generic "one-size-fits-all" approach. Fitzroy IT boasts a team of dedicated professionals who are readily available to offer their expertise in optimising, securing, and monitoring IT infrastructure. They also have a proven track record in delivering comprehensive, end-to-end technical support, and have the ability to embed staff on-site as required.

Fitzroy IT’s reputation for providing reliable and efficient services made them the ideal choice for Nutromics to entrust their IT management and support needs.


Fitzroy IT collaborated closely with Nutromics to establish and execute an efficient IT onboarding process, encompassing the implementation of appropriate systems to safeguard their operations and provide a secure, reliable, and consistent operating platform. As part of their comprehensive range of services, Fitzroy IT provided crucial offerings such as security software, monitoring capabilities, patch management, mail filters, cloud service backups, an audited cloud environment, and robust security measures including the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Acting as the primary point of contact for new personnel at Nutromics, Fitzroy IT played a vital role in supporting their training and onboarding into the organisation, ensuring all necessary arrangements were made for a smooth transition into their new roles. Additionally, to accommodate Nutromics' rapid growth trajectory, Fitzroy IT closely monitored their evolving IT infrastructure requirements. Initially starting with 20 devices, the deployment expanded to encompass 70 devices within a span of eight months.

Demonstrating their commitment to Nutromics' success, Fitzroy IT has stationed their staff on-site at Nutromics' premises five days a week, enabling immediate assistance and facilitating a proactive approach to IT support and management.

Results and Benefits

Fitzroy IT provided flexible and cost-effective IT services tailored to the unique needs of Nutromics' growing business. As part of their efforts, Fitzroy IT implemented a high-speed internet connection that laid the foundation for Nutromics' expanding infrastructure, enabling them to establish overseas offices, support remote work and leverage cloud providers to seamlessly scale their operations.

Standardised hardware was purchased and common system images were built and deployed using industry standard tools including Microsoft InTune. This enabled faster and easier onboarding and support, ultimately making staff more productive in less time.

To ensure comprehensive risk management, Fitzroy IT utilised Naverisk, a monitoring and risk mitigation tool that assists companies manage IT infrastructure.

As well as on-site support, if urgent issues occur out-of-hours, Nutromics staff has direct access to Fitzroy IT's on-call personnel, ensuring prompt resolution of critical matters.

Fitzroy IT also undertook a data consolidation and migration project, which gave Nutromics fine-grained controls over the privacy and security of their valuable data while improving integration with their other standard tools. This project enabled enhanced document management capabilities, streamlined collaboration, and improved data protection, enabling them to optimise their workflows and maximise productivity.

Furthermore, Fitzroy IT played a pivotal role in facilitating Nutromics' transition to a hybrid working model by setting up user-friendly “Zoom rooms”. These rooms serve as a communication hub that enables seamless collaboration and effective communication among team members regardless of their location, contributing to the overall efficiency and productivity of the organisation.