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Cost Optimisation Specialists

AWS encourages agility and experimentation. A flexible IT infrastructure can be deployed with the click of a button.

But at the same time, we all need to be mindful of costs, ensuring that our cloud spending is focused and not wasteful.

Fitzroy IT are experts at cost analysis and cost optimisation. We’ll analyse your bills, and then work with you to identify unused, idle and underutilised resources, and teach you about the tools you can use to manage your expenses.

  • Consulting - We talk to you in your language, explain the jargon and find the best solutions, so you save time and make more money.
  • System Architecture - We assess and modernise your infrastructure
  • Migration - Move any workload – application, website, database, storage, physical or virtual server, or an entire data center – to AWS.
  • Ongoing Support - Experts in optimising, securing and monitoring your infrastructure.

Client Success Stories

PREP Design's Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal is a simulation tool to determine the recyclability of product packaging. Several major Australian companies, including Nestle and Coles, have adopted it to ensure the environmental sustainability of their packaging going forward.

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Playbk Sports (formerly operating as Leaders of Evolution) creates innovative, online learning solutions for organisations across elite sport, education and not-for-profits to connect with fans in authentic and meaningful ways. Their approach to fan engagement has seen them deploy contemporary online learning with Australian Rules Football League teams, including, Essendon Football Club and Gold Coast Suns, as well as South East Melbourne Phoenix who compete in the National Basketball League. Playbk’s full-stack digital approach provides strategy, portal design and development, marketing and technology solutions that work seamlessly with existing business functions. Their commitment to excellence has seen them named a member of the AWS EdStart program.

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Lovisa was created out of a need for on-trend fashion jewellery at ready-to-wear prices. They are a fashion-forward jewellery brand that caters to everyone, with 150 new styles being delivered to stores each week. They launched their first store in April 2010, and now operate in more than 20 countries with 600 stores globally, with continued hyper growth planned via new stores and eCommerce. This hyper growth meant that their hardware was rapidly ageing and running out of capacity which led to interruptions to business.

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When faced with the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, live-event broadcaster Endframe knew they needed to pivot and provide a solution for the emergence of hybrid and virtual events. Fitzroy IT became Endframe’s trusted AWS Infrastructure partner, resulting in a world class scalable cloud-based ‘Broadcasting Studio’.

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MMAPT Robotics are an Australian-based startup that sits at the nexus of collaborative robotics, product photography, ecommerce, video processing, 3D Capture, media management and digital publishing. They have produced a patented automated robotic imagery and data capture system called STEVIE.01.

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Fitzroy IT leveraged AWS to develop and deploy the Android software application for Lumen Freedom's ground-breaking wireless charging system, for McLaren's new hybrid Speedtail hypercar.

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Australian Survey Research (ASR) is Melbourne based software developer and market research consultancy that provides a full-service capability to a blue-chip client list including key government agencies at federal, state and local levels, top 100 companies and major universities

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WCL Management Services (WCLMS) is an international management and consultancy organisation, specialising in passenger transport and logistics operations. Their focus is on high quality service delivery, in providing localised transport solutions with worldwide management and consultancy experience.

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University of Marcheal, a leading platform for video content, faced challenges in delivering content quickly and handling high user demand. After being referred directly by AWS, Fitzroy IT implemented AWS Auto Scaling to handle user surges and built a custom, automated, event-driven solution for CDN pre-population and more efficient content delivery. Results included optimized performance, reduced download and buffering times, and enhanced user satisfaction.

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Intelfuse, a technology company specialising in cloud computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and remote sensing, faced a potential continuity gap when a key developer was leaving. They sought assistance from Fitzroy IT, who had the necessary expertise in development, database management, Linux and AWS infrastructure management. Fitzroy IT facilitated communication with the departing developer, documented the process, and provided training sessions and support to new hires, resulting in a seamless knowledge transfer and onboarding process. At project-end, Intelfuse had streamlined procedures, reduced errors, increased efficiency and a smoothly functioning team equipped to meet the project's demands and deliver high-quality results.

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Nutromics is transforming the diagnostics industry through Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring. Their initial successes led to a period of rapid growth, and they collaborated with Fitzroy IT to assist with onboarding, procurement, and day-to-day support. By adopting Fitzroy IT as their Managed Service Provider (MSP), Nutromics gained access to experts who could create customised IT solutions, while standardising systems, tools, and processes. This partnership led to cost optimisation, streamlined onboarding, improved security measures, and proactive infrastructure monitoring, all while Nutromics continued to grow from 13 staff to 55 in August 2023.

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As Nutromics’ team began to grow beyond their main office in Australia, their needs for video conferencing grew in parallel. After initially implementing basic meeting rooms, Nutromics sought Fitzroy IT’s expertise to create “Zoom Rooms”. This significant upgrade facilitated seamless audio and video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and improved collaboration. The successful implementation of Zoom Rooms increased productivity and also simplified meeting scheduling, paving the way for future expansion.

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