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Why should I perform a Well-Architected Review?

A review is a chance for your business to take stock of their situation. Whatever your cloud journey has been, you probably have niggling questions:

  • Are we secure?
  • Are we spending too much?
  • Are we using the best technology for the job?
  • How could we be better?

Fitzroy IT specialise in answering these questions and identifying what needs to be done to align your business with current best practice, as defined by the AWS Well-Architected (WA) Framework.

What is a Well-Architected Review?

A Well-Architected Review is a discussion between one of Fitzroy IT’s AWS Certified Solutions Architects and one or more of your staff. The Review evaluates your business processes, applications, and infrastructure to see where they are strong and where improvements can be made.

The Well-Architected Review does not examine the specific configuration of your AWS environment / Account. Rather it is a Q&A session that establishes a baseline of how well you believe your environment complies with best practice, what you want your AWS infrastructure to be and how you want it to work for you.

The process is structured, and specific questions are asked that examine the 6 Pillars of the AWS WellArchitected Framework (operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimisation, sustainability), as they relate to your business.

The review takes a maximum of five (5) hours and upon completion of the process, you will receive the final report in your AWS Console.

The report outlines areas that need improvement, prioritised into High, Medium, and Low-risk items.

With the results in-hand you can then proceed to remediate the identified issues.

What benefits can I expect to see from a review and remediation?

The main benefit of a review is confidence; confidence that your AWS environment:

  • conforms to current best practice
  • is flexible enough to grow as your business grows
  • will handle unexpected demand, without overspending

What can I do beyond a Well-Architected Review?

If risks are identified during the review, Fitzroy IT can:

  • login to your AWS account and examine the configuration of your infrastructure, potentially identifying additional risks
  • prepare a remediation plan, which if implemented, can attract funding credits from AWS
  • implement and document remediation fixes
  • assist you with support and infrastructure management

When you need something bespoke, we offer competitive and transparent rates, which can be seen at


Talk with one of our AWS Cloud Advisors.