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Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Service Delivery

Why Fitzroy IT?

Fitzroy IT are AWS partners with a team of certified AWS engineers with extensive industry experience.

If you have aging Windows servers at your workplace and are looking to migrate to a cloud hosted platform we can guide you through the process of setting up AWS EC2 instances, configured to meet your needs and industry best practices for security, availability, fault tolerance and scalability.

Our team are migration experts and can help move any Microsoft workload – application, website, database, storage, physical or virtual server, or an entire datacenter – to AWS. We can assist in all stages of the migration from Design, Planning, Testing to Migration and Implementation. Fitzroy IT also boasts a full development team which can assist with any software customisations required to ensure a smooth transition.

Our comprehensive service list for Windows server hosting on Amazon EC2 includes Amazon RDS, AWS WAF, Amazon CloudFront, Cloud Watch, AWS FSx, AWS Directory Services, AWS Workspaces plus much more to meet all your compute requirements.

We have helped many companies move and modernise their ageing infrastructures – how can we help you?


Advantages of migrating to AWS

Our services

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