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A New @pproach To Medical Education: Developments In Anatomy

An@tomedia is a comprehensive, self-paced learning program that allows students to learn about the anatomy of the human body. It is currently the biggest available online resource on anatomy. Professor Norman Eizenberg and his team have been working on the an@tomedia project for a little over twenty years.

The Challenge

Before an@tomedia reached out to Fitzroy IT, they had two challenges: the first was to complete the entire an@tomedia project, and then convert that to HTML5 from Flash; the second was to be able to generate income through individual subscriptions.

"We needed a process whereby it could not only host the website," Dr. Eizenberg told us in an interview, "but it could also take care of any subscriptions. We needed both the programming aspect and the administrative aspect."

We've been working with Fitzroy IT for the better part of a year and a half now, and the whole team there have been very good. From programming, to graphic design, to project management, and all the rest.

It's one thing to have good management and a nice and convenient location, but you have to have a good team in place, and the same thing can be applied to the rest of an@tomedia. The "anato" part of this project is represented by the university academics, and the "media" part refers to the multimedia aspect that involves the programming, graphic design, and all other aspects with which Fitzroy IT is involved.

I've been blessed by having a terrific team of colleagues and I've been blessed by having a terrific process side of it, the IT side of it, through Fitzroy IT. The people working at Fitzroy IT are the key: from working with Justin to oversee everything, with working with Daniel on the programming side, to have Amber's graphic design skills, and Khy's computer wizardry. It's just a really good team of people, and by combining the people with the convenience and accessibility, I couldn't have wished for better!

Dr. Norman Eizenberg, Professor of Anatomy at an@tomedia

The Result

Fitzroy IT turned the an@tomedia project into an HTML5 version that is now available on tablets (and soon available on mobile devices). We've given the platform a complete overhaul to improve its images, its usability, and broaden its reach. Members can now purchase individual subscriptions to the platform, which was previously unavailable.

"There were time pressures, financial pressures, and then the sheer volume and degree of difficulty of the work," Dr. Eizenberg said.

"There was also the pressure of making it the highest possible quality end product. What was very helpful was working together with Fitzroy IT as a team to get a better understanding of what the strengths and limitations of every decision we made were. We're very pleased with the interface design!"

By upgrading an@tomedia to HTML5 and tablets, we've expanded its reach while improving the product itself, and we're very proud to have improved such a crucial educational tool for students, doctors, and scientists alike.

"I'm amazed of what we've been able to do in the time available—there are no regrets!" Dr. Eizenberg told us.

"Being taken step-by-step through the process with Fitzroy IT was very helpful. By getting a better understanding about what the possible potential solutions and limitations of every solution were, we made very informed decisions about every aspect of the project."