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Fitzroy IT | AWS @ MMAPT Robotics

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Join Fitzroy IT, AWS’ Rising Star Partner of the Year in 2021, for an informal partner event at MMAPT Robotics - An exciting Startup that is leveraging the cloud in unique ways with the help of the AWS partner program.

Event Start

Wednesday 30 March 2022 8:00am

Event End

Wednesday 30 March 2022 9:30am

Event Schedule


The morning will kick off at 8 am with coffee & pastries

Brief introduction and demonstration

Who is Fitzroy IT, who is MMAPT and why should you and your retail clients be excited to learn more?

The MMAPT and Fitzroy IT teams

The members of both the Fitzroy IT & MMAPT teams will be on hand and we encourage you to meet them and learn how their different offerings can help AWS Account Managers with your own retail clients.

MMAPT Robotics

Mass automated product digitisation

MMAPT Robotics is a large-scale mass-photography solution for retailers to get their products online quickly. Shooting stills and videos and then uploading them to the cloud within minutes. The MMAPT Robotics solution significantly reduces the slow and expensive process of product photography & videography.

MMAPT is a company that has a 5-year vision to disrupt the e-commerce imagery & data process. By the close of 2025, if a retailer has taken an image of a product for online use or sale, there is a high chance that it was taken/stored/distributed by a MMAPT innovation or system.

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