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Meet Your Digital Solutions Team

We’re passionate about building and managing efficient digital products that help your business grow. And we’d love to meet you.

  • Ben makes it work, makes it right and makes it fast. So it's no coincidence that that is also his favorite Kent Beck quote! Ben is a highend dev who loves a challenge. Ben is a very keen photographer in his spare time

    "The people at Fitzroy IT are really chill but surprisingly productive"

    Ben Nguyen

    Full-stack Developer

  • I make websites, data migrations, and other business applications the client needs. I love the good vibes at Fitzroy IT, the passion our team has for the job, the pool table, and free drinks!

    I like to enjoy every moment (this is one thing I like about working here – you can tell everyone enjoys the moment!) Other hobbies: playing piano, guitar (bass guitar soon), hiking, dancing salsa, travelling around the world, watching old movies, listening to all kinds of music, and trying new food every week.

    Carlos Agelvis


  • Daniel helps Fitzroy IT’s clients by providing information and advice, without all the jargon. He also assists other team members by sharing his experience and expertise, while at the same time learning from them and continually expanding his knowledge about all things related to development and IT. When he’s not working, Daniel is a level-2 qualified athletics coach, an assistant coach at Greensborough Hockey Club, a keen road cyclist and photographer. “What I like most about working for Fitzroy IT is the team—everyone has a similar philosophy: we work hard, are always on the lookout for creative, innovative, and exciting projects and always try to have fun doing it.”

    Daniel Robertson

    Product Lead & Business Analyst

  • If you’ve ever seen Pulp Fiction, then you’ll understand what we mean when we say Geoff is our resident Winston Wolf, the Fixer—he fixes all our problems. (Well, our technical ones, at least.) When he’s not permeating the office with his superior technical skills and sense of humour, Geoff likes to fill out random Internet surveys and drink margaritas.

    “The best part about working for Fitzroy IT are the pretzels, the lunch area, and the free lattes.”

    (But we’re pretty sure he loves working with your clients and our team, too.)

    Geoff Craig

    Business Development & Client Lead

  • Joe handles all of the above on technical matters and customer relationships at Fitzroy IT. When he’s not in the office, Joe spends most of his time sailing in various international or local yacht races (including within Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay), or offshore races to Tasmania.

    “The best part about working for Fitzroy IT is working with a friendly and approachable team with great technical know-how.”

    Joe Wetzels


  • Justin works with Fitzroy IT’s existing and new clients to help find solutions for their unique problems. He also tries to help the team execute various strategic initiatives and projects (but usually tries to stay out of their way so they can do what they do best!). Outside of work, Justin loves spending time with his family, playing golf, or going to watching the mighty Roo boys!

    “I love that we’re a collaborative bunch at Fitzroy IT—the best idea is the best idea.”

    Justin Kelly


  • Justin handles front and back-end development while drinking way too much coffee. Our highly caffeinated web developer enjoys playing survival computer games, and tinkering with things in that mad scientist take-it-apart-never-put-it-back-together style.

    "My favourite thing about Fitz is the variety of work. Being able to work on two apps, back-end and front-end on a single project makes me a very happy coder! ERRR... the people! I meant to say it's the people."

    Justin Pradier

    Dev Lead

  • Liam works alongside Callum as frontline support for Fitzroy IT’s clients, as well as an auxiliary resource to other high-level projects: everything from mundane data-entry and resource tracking, to web development and testing. When he’s not working, Liam is an avid motorcyclist and a fan of vintage motorcycles (he even rides to work most days!). Liam’s also a very big music buff—it’s common to see him around, rocking out with a pair of headphones.

    “I like the camaraderie that's cultivated at Fitzroy IT. It feels more like I'm working with my mates than just my colleagues, and I find it makes me that much more productive in that I genuinely want to help my co-workers succeed in their endeavours.”

    Liam Bremner

    Technical Support Officer

  • Marc helps and manages the IT Support Team, as well as assisting clients with onsite and remote technical support. He loves the friendly team and atmosphere at Fitzroy IT, quotes TV shows like nobody's business, and throws fantastic cocktail parties in the office. In his spare time, he enjoys rollerblading, flying his drone, watching TV shows and movies, and being a terrific dog dad.

    Marc McInnes

    IT Lead

  • Michelle helps our clients by designing well, pretty much everything. Prototypes, websites, apps, logos, print layouts, animation, illustration (including the team pics on this page) to name just a few! When she’s not taking over the office with her contagious laughter, Michelle loves playing the piano, staying active (running, gymnastics, strength training), and tasting food all over Melbourne!

    "Fitzroy IT has such a positive vibe - working here always inspires me to be as creative as I can be. There's never a dull day in the workplace when you're collaborating with the most amazing (and hilarious) team; I'm always learning about new design trends and tools, and doodling mini-comics about my colleagues. This place feels like home!"

    Michelle Tran

    Graphic Designer

  • Hello everyone! At Fitzroy IT, I love the working flexibility, the great sense of humour everyone has, and the nice working atmosphere of a close-knit team. Since it’s a small group, I have the chance to get involved in daily aspects of the business (development, operations, sales, marketing etc). I enjoy learning new things everyday, constantly improving my skills and knowledge in any area of technology. I also love dealing with customers and learning about their business, unique challenges, and finding ways to help them.

    Peter Brandon Hanley

    Front End Developer

  • Our caffeine-driven project managing guru assists our team in meeting client expectations by planning the project, chasing up key information with clients, and providing visibility of tasks and timelines. Ross is a roadie and tour manager for his best mate who is an emerging Alt-Country artist. He loves cooking, cocktails, wine, camping, riding his bike, and building things. He has two kids, has lived in three countries and seven different cities, and speaks reasonable conversational Spanish!

    "What I like the most about working at Fitzroy IT? The people, the location and the diversity of projects".

      Ross Maher

      Delivery Lead

    1. Sagar is a self-taught iOS Engineer who is a passionate cricket fan, a foodie, and a mentor outside of his day job to teach students who want to learn iOS programming. He helps our team with a wide range of projects by handling app development from scratch and providing regular fixes/updates for existing apps.

      “I would say work/life balance is great here at Fitzroy IT. Everyone is so friendly and helps each other whenever needed. We have great clients and incredible projects, so there are tons of learning opportunities.”

      Sagar Unagar

      Mobile Engineer

    2. Shivam's role involves problem-solving client issues, setting up and performing migrations, working with virtualised environments, implementing industry best-practice to drive quality and advocating cloud-first solutions across both the business and the client base.

      “I am passionate about cooking. My plan was always to attend a culinary school in Italy, but ended up in IT! Apart from that, I play cricket for Box Hill North cricket club, and also enjoy playing computer games.

      Everyone is friendly and are keen on helping each other. Even in a virtual environment, the positivity just flows out through everyone’s webcam!”

      Shivam Tayal

      Cloud Infrastructure Lead

    3. Tim founded Fitzroy IT in 2009 and works with both the clients and the internal staff to ensure everyone is happy. As director of Fitzroy IT, Tim oversees all ongoing projects to ensure everything runs smoothly. When he’s not keeping everyone happy at Fitzroy IT, Tim loves spending time with his family and is a keen golfer. A diehard AFL fan, Tim’s also a lifelong Fitzroy supporter and barracks for the Brisbane Lions.

      “I like that we can choose our own adventure at Fitzroy IT—we define our processes as a team rather than being locked in to a rigid structure .”

      Tim Jenkinson

      Founder & CEO

    4. Zach works in the IT support department for Fitzroy IT’s clients, assisting clients in a number of areas from basic troubleshooting and assistance to larger projects such as site moves and infrastructure deployment. In his spare time, Zach loves playing the guitar, songwriting, hiking and adventures, in addition to starting a number of video games and never managing to finish them.

      Zach Cummings

      Technical Support Officer